It’s Not Just A Little Snip


Elizabeth BlacElizabeth Blackwell - first woman to earn a medical degree in the USA - on cirucmcisionkwell

by @TakeThatForeski

Many of us are used to hearing – about male circumcision – that it is just a snip or that it is merely the removal of a little  piece of skin and that it is no big deal or even it is healthier – we also often hear that it is a parent’s choice.

Are these some of the things that you have been inculcated with about circumcision? If so, it only follows that you probably believe them – especially if you have not been exposed to the contrary evidence. It is very difficult for people to hear that what they think they know about a given issue is based on belief and not fact. Jarring, even, to everything that you think you know.

It is not the responsibility of any person to prove to you that circumcision is needless and wrong when not medically justified – nobody can convince you of anything. Opinions – informed opinions – can only be formed when there is a thorough investigation of the facts.

Over the coming time I will provide you with information – from a skeptical and ethical viewpoint – regarding circumcision to assist you in developing an informed opinion based on facts.



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