The best of homeopathy on the web – at either end of the spectrum

Folks, Amedeo here. Now, being a ghost, I am not one for big words. I therefore present you here the best and the rest from my link collection – enjoy!

Top Ten

  1. How does Homeopathy work?– basically, you need look no further. But if you care to, here are the folks behind it:
  3. Should you feel a need to go deeper, why not head over to the recent, large scale evidence review done by the Aussies.
  4. Or revisit last month’s US FDA hearing on homeopathy – webcast recordings now available. Transcripts should be out some time in the future.
  5. Now this, folks, is how it should NOT be done.
  6. And certainly, this is some of the most important things that should NOT be done (similar folks are all over the place – Haiti and most recently, Nepal):
  7. Whatstheharm (they’re on twitter, too: @WhatsTheHarm) do a great job presenting exactly how fraudulent quacks are dangerous.
  8. Now to lighten things up a bit, I leave you with: “Towards a Quantum Mechanical Interpretation of Homeopathy
  9. A bit of poesy
  10. and… a game: Homeopathic Battleship! Yay!

 Bottom Ten

  1. Let’s start with the man himself, old Sam H, and his bible: The Organon of Medicine.
  2. Now how do our diluted friends go about evidence gathering? While they stubbornly keep at RCTs, here’s how they’re all wrong: why RCTs are not at tool for assessing efficacy (has maths!)
  3. But wait, beyond Evidence THAT it works, can they also figure out HOW it works? Well, this is what’s being taught to BHMS students in India – and they do one hell of a job absorbing the gospel.  I present to you – “Nanotech in Homoeopathy” – by Ms. Haripriya, 2nd Year BHMS student.
  4. And if you haven’t seen enough yet, the memory of water is certainly one of the most beloved ideas to woosters.
  5. So the gold standard for evidence gathering is not the RCT, but the “proving”, as laid out by Sam H.: here’s an exposé by Clever homeopathy – they now call it the homeopathic pathogenic trial. Very sciency.
  6. But can homeopathistas actually agree on how to go about it?
  7. There’s really an amazing breadth of remedies, and you can look into the respective provings here: an extensive database of the whackery (literally) being done.
  8. But my absolute HEROES are these guys.
  9. Now sadly, there are parallel universes on Twitter in which homeopathistas lock themselves into echo chambers – blocking left, right and preventatively. So, I won’t even name names but here’s one of the Twisted Sisters.
  10. and if that was not enough, here’s the absolute, rock bottom, last link I present to you – the Placebo song.