Why We Expanded

By @TakeThatGMOs

What can 140 characters do? 140 characters can make you divorce your wife of 30 years. 140 characters can suspend you from school. 140 characters can make you look like an absolute genius, or you can cram creationism into those precious 140 characters and that can make you look like an absolute idiot. Whatever you do with your 140 characters, you need to remember how powerful they are.

140 characters, however, is not enough to explain everything in detail. Then again, some argue that these people are a lost cause, they’re simply serving the purpose of being an example. But more often than not, I find myself arguing with people who are on the fence, and who sometimes do change their opinions. Other times, I find myself arguing with more confident people, and therefore having to use a buttload of tweets.

The way we fight pseudoscience, by direct arguing, is the best way to do it. It is, however, rarely done by people. And so that’s why we’re there. We have faced criticism for the way we do it and the platform we do it. We have focused on Twitter only and have left many, many other people on other platforms to spread their pseudoscience.

We therefore came to the realisation that, as the TakeThat phenomenon was catching fire and rapidly expanding, we had to expand too. We chose to start this with a blog, as it’s only an extension to what we do. We can provide reflections on relevant news, explain complex topics, argue, provide opinions, give insights and even breakdown the week in detail. There’s so much more we can do with a blog, and we can provide our experience in doing it.


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