Take This Blog

Greetings and behold! We are a group of skeptics (some might say skepdicks, especially when arguing, ah ha ha) who are sometimes known as the Take That Crowd on Twitter. If you’re here you have probably come to know and love/hate us for showing off the best of the worst arguments presented by creationists, new agers, conspiracy theorists, insane racists, various bigots, and others for whom evidence and logic do not fall high on the list of virtues. But now the fun and excitement can no longer be contained in 140-character bursts, and so we offer you this blog, and give you the chance to Take This Blog. Watch this space for:

  • Additional information regarding refutations of terrible arguments
  • Highlights of the most amusing Specimens
  • Off-Twitter Specimens
  • Additional skeptical topics
  • Interviews
  • Shenanigans

Is there something else you’d like to see, or do you have a request for a specific article? Comment here or send us a Tweet to @takethisblog Cheers, #ttcot


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